Secure Cloud Connect

With Secure Cloud Connect program partners benefit by:

  • Partnership with leading SaaS application vendors
  • Partnership with leading cloud security technologies Arista Networks, Palo Alto Networks, Nutanix, Microsoft, F5, Menlo Security and more
  • Education to help partners build a successful practice
  • Engage and Enablement to drive demand generation and success with these technologies
  • Additional services to augment seamless security with links to on premsies equipment

Arista has pioneered the networking industry with its software defined cloud networking approach built on top of Arista EOS® with programmable interfaces, publish-subscribe state separation, resilient fault containment and self-healing attributes. CloudVision®extends the same architectural approach across the network with a state-based view of the entire network. This enables customers to move to cloud-class automation without needing significant custom internal development. CloudVision is a network-wide approach for workload orchestration, workflow automation and real-time telemetry as a turnkey solution for Cloud Networking.

Public and private clouds are getting a big boost as new innovations in network security extend what was once only available in the physical world, to the virtual. With the recent string of targeted attacks it's never been more critical that you build an effective strategy that extends the same levels of security used on your physical network to your virtual network.

The use of SaaS (software as a service) applications is creating new risks and gaps in security visibility for malware propagation, data leakage and regulatory non-compliance. Aperture delivers complete visibility and granular enforcement across all user, folder and file activity within sanctioned SaaS applications, providing detailed analysis and analytics on usage without requiring any additional hardware, software or network changes.


An insatiable appetite for compute and storage resources, combined with cloud-first development initiatives to support your business, is driving a data center transformation that incorporates the public cloud as a means of more rapidly addressing your growing data center demands. Commonly referred to as a hybrid data center, the use of the public cloud not only helps address your growing data center demands but provides you with the added benefits of agility, scalability and global reach.

From a security perspective, the responsibility for protecting your public cloud is shared between both the provider and the user – you. It is up to you to ensure satisfaction with the steps a provider has taken to protect the public cloud environment. It is also up to you to make sure you take the necessary steps to protect your applications and data in the public cloud.

Regardless of where your applications and data reside, they are an attacker's target and protecting them in the cloud introduces the same security challenges you face present in your on-premises data center. To that end, your public cloud security solution should be consistent with what is deployed in your data center so that, no matter where the application and data reside, security is the same.

Making the challenge of protecting your data a bit more difficult is the fact that many of the principles that make cloud computing attractive are counter to network security best practices.

Nutanix Acropolis is a turnkey infrastructure platform that delivers enterprise-class storage, compute, and virtualization services to run nearly any application. Together with Prism, the consumer-grade management platform, Nutanix provides a comprehensive enterprise cloud platform for organizations of all sizes. As a fully integrated IT solution, it eliminates the cost and complexity of legacy datacenter products that are individually deployed and separately managed.

In addition to supporting VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V, Acropolis includes a built-in virtualization solution, AHV. AHV is built on proven open-source KVM technology and is shipped at no additional cost with every Nutanix deployment. AHV supports core virtualization capabilities including high availability, VM migration that applications today need, as well as a simplified management solution. To further simplify hypervisor choice, the platform also includes the Acropolis App Mobility Fabric (AMF) that enables easy workload migration between hypervisors and different runtime environments. Together, AHV and AMF decouple applications from the underlying infrastructure, enabling enterprise IT to choose the runtime environments that are ideal for their applications

Public clouds have redefined expectations of IT infrastructure. Explicit choices are not made about hypervisors or storage when applications are deployed on Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure.

With AHV, Nutanix collapses virtualization as a checkbox feature to enable quicker time to value within enterprise datacenters. AHV is shipped from the factory floor enabling application deployment within minutes once the solution is racked and powered on.

  • Automated HA to failover virtual machines from one node to another without downtime
  • Intelligent placement of virtual machines based on hosts based on ideal fit
  • Live migration of virtual machines across the cluster
  • Integrated DHCP server for IP address management
  • Converged backup and DR
  • Unlimited scale to support clusters of all sizes VM Data Virtualized Computing Virtualized Computing Incumbent Virtualization

The cloud-based Menlo Security Isolation Platform (MSIP) eliminates the possibility of malware reaching user devices via compromised or malicious web sites, email or documents. This is not detection or classification; instead, the user’s web session and all active content (e.g. Java, Flash, etc.), whether good or bad, is fully executed and contained in the Isolation Platform. Only safe, malware-free rendering information is delivered to the user’s endpoint. No active content—including any potential malware—leaves the platform.

The Menlo Security Isolation Platform (MSIP) uses patented cloud-based isolation and Adaptive Clientless Rendering™ (ACR) technology that obviates the need for endpoint software or plug-ins while delivering a transparent user experience to the user’s native browser.

Virtual and private clouds provide your organization with undeniable benefits in scalability, agility, and cost control for your distributed network needs. However, conventional network management tools undermine those advantages. For example, configuring DNS and IP addresses are largely performed manually using segmented point solutions. These tools are not designed to support elastic scalability. Nor can they provide the visibility, reliability, and consistency your organization demands.

That’s why Infoblox created DDI for Virtualization and Private Cloud. It enables you to manage DNS, DHCP, and IPAM for complex distributed virtual and cloud-based environments centrally, flexibly, and efficiently. Now you can support complex multi-platform workloads with confidence and maximize the full potential of your private cloud and virtualization deployment strategy.

Get instant visibility across all IT today, maintain full visibility when new technologies are introduced in future, and spend less time administering your IT environment.

  • Monitor thousands of resources in minutes by automatically applying best practice monitoring policies appropriate to each element
  • Accelerate adoption of new technologies with pre-configured monitoring policies that help you get started right away and easily extend to support your unique needs
  • Significantly simplify administration by configuring once, then automatically applying consistent policies and behavior for very specific or broad groups of technology elements, and organizations

Netskope Active Cloud DLP helps you protect sensitive company data from leaks and breaches. Netskope’s Cloud DLP solution is the most advanced in the industry with advanced data loss prevention tools such as 3,000+ data identifiers, support for 500+ file types, custom regular expressions, proximity analysis, international support using double-byte characters, fingerprinting, and exact match. Netskope uses context to narrow down the content we detect, reduce false positives and increase detection accuracy.

Netskope’s DLP tools make your data protection strategy more efficient with critical workflows like quarantine and legal hold, and our solution features the most elegant integration with your on-premises data loss prevention software, performing a first pass in the cloud and then funneling suspected violations to your on-premises solution via secure ICAP.

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