1. What are the benefits of Cisco Learning Credits?
Cisco Learning Credits make it easy to add training to your purchase. Now, procuring the required training for your organization need not be an afterthought to your technology purchase. You will be able to define your networking and training needs concurrently, and purchase high quality training from authorized Cisco Learning Partners. Learning Credits can also be ordered as a standalone item, as posted on the Cisco Price List.

2. What are Cisco Learning Credits?
Cisco Learning Credits are a purchase method for authorized training redeemable with Cisco Learning Partners and Cisco Learning Solutions Partners.

3. Why do the Learning Credits expire and how long are they valid?
The expiration date for Learning Credits is set at one year from the date they are issued. This requirement was instituted in order to encourage the timely use of training by the customer, and to facilitate suitable revenue recognition time lines for Cisco and its Learning Partners. Any exceptions to this policy must be approved in writing by Cisco. Contact your Cloud Harmonics Account Manager for assistance.

4. What can Learning Credits be redeemed for?
Each Learning Credit pays for US$100 of training. Learning Credits cannot be used to pay for a proctored certification exam. The cost of the exam is a separate expense.

5. What are the part numbers and prices for the Learning Credit packs?
Learning Credits are valued at US $100 each and sold in packs of 10, 100, 500, and 1500. The Learning Credit part numbers and pricing are outlined in the following chart:

Learning Credits Part Numbers
Part Numbers Credits List Price (USD)
TRN-CLC-000 10 $ 1,000
TRN-CLC-001 100 $ 10,000
TRN-CLC-002 500 $ 50,000
TRN-CLC-003 1500 $150,000

Prices subject to change without notice. Cisco reserves the right to add, change or discontinue any product from its price lists.

6. My company is International. Can I purchase Learning Credits in one country and redeem them in another country?
Cisco Learning Credits must be redeemed in the currency in which they were purchased. Example: Learning Credits purchased in USD, must be redeemed in USD. Learning Credits purchased in Euros must be redeemed in Euros.

7. How soon are Learning Credits available for use after they have been purchased?
Cisco Learning Credits are redeemable only after they have been credited to the user account. This occurs after the order has booked, cleared, and been invoiced by Cisco.

8. Can I use my Learning Credits with any company offering Cisco training?
Learning Credits can be redeemed only through participating authorized Cisco Learning Partners and Cisco Learning Solutions Partners, such as Cloud Harmonics.

9. Do I need to know what courses I'm going to take before I buy Cisco Learning Credits?
No, you do not have to know the courses beforehand; however, it is highly recommended that you work with your Cloud Harmonics Account Manager, who has the tools and knowledge to help you assess and create a training plan.

10. Can I take an e-learning class with Learning Credits?
Yes, all Cisco courses (ILT, e-learning, and custom courses are eligible for use with Learning Credits.

11. What happens if I don't use my Learning Credits before they expire?
Learning Credits are valid for one year. Those that are not used by the expiration date are no longer valid. An online account, accessible through the Learning Credits Management Tool, along with monthly statements, are available to help you keep abreast of the status of your Learning Credits and will help you to manage your training dollars effectively. Training courses must begin before the Learning Credits expire.

12. Where is the Learning Credits Management Tool Located?
The Learning Credits Management Tool (LCMT) is located at www.cisco.com/go/lcmt

13. How do I redeem my Learning Credits?
Provide the Cisco Sales Order Number (SO#) to your Cloud Harmonics Account Manager and we'll do the rest!